Get Themed Tableware For Your Networking Event

Posted by Tammy on 25th Apr 2012

Networking events are sometimes thought of as fancy business parties, but the truth is these types of events are designed more to be marketing instruments. As a caterer who is servicing an event of this nature there are a few things that you can do in regard to making sure the event runs smoothly.

The first thing that you need to do is see if a theme has been chosen for the event. If you’re told that the theme is going to be a Hawaiian theme, then this makes your life a whole bunch easier. The fact is you will have absolutely no trouble picking the right food dishes, table decorations and tableware for a Hawaiian themed networking event. However, if you’re told that the theme is an Outdoors theme, then you could have a bit of trouble finding the perfect food dishes, decorations and tableware.

Wait, no you won’t even have a problem at this point, either. The fact is you can find classy, outdoorsy recipes that you can make like Fish and Chips. You could even choose to serve Strawberry Shortcake. The great things about these dishes are that you can add special touches to them thus create quaint and charming dishes.

In addition, you can purchase a few of the Full Moon Bamboo Cone Stands from to use for table decorations. In the end, if you place your Strawberry Shortcake in delicate cones, then set the food that you’ve created in the Bamboo Stands around on the tables the results will be woodsy and charming table decorations.

Tableware for themed networking events

Also, remember when you visit to purchase some Aqua Plates to serve your fish and chips on at the networking event. These plates are 3 in. L. x 25 in. H x 3 in. W thus the perfect size to show off your fish and chips and these charming plates will go excellent with the theme.

No matter, what kind of theme is being implemented at the networking event as a caterer it’s your job to make sure the dishes, decorations and tableware that you use go along with the theme of the event. Thankfully, Restaurantware you can easily find all types of quality products that will help you achieve this goal.