Get Creative, Use Bonito Cups to Serve This Hot Soup Recipe

Posted by Tammy on 3rd Mar 2014

It is still very cold out there in many parts of the country and as we all know there is nothing better than a hot soup on a chilly day, right? However, don’t you get tired of serving your soup in the same dull bowls? I know my friends and I do, which is why I wanted to share with you a new and cool way to serve this Corn and Bacon chowder recipe.

First, get your hands on some Bonito cups. These creative soup holders come in three colors, seagreen, black and white. They have a unique design that can help you enhance the appearance of any hot soup. Why not try them out by serving this tasty chowder recipe tonight?

bonito cups
Bonito cups make great soup holders.
bonito cups
Bonito cups make great soup holders


Yummy Corn and Bacon Chowder


6 slices of bacon

1 1/2 cups of a packaged celery, bell pepper and onion mix

6 (16 ounce) packages of gold and white corn, make sure to thaw it and divide it up

6 cups of milk

salt and ground black pepper

2 1/2 cups of shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese

Use a Dutch oven to cook bacon until it gets crisp, then remove it from pan. Now, add celery mixture and half of your corn to the pan drippings, saute vegetables until they are tender. Then, put remaining corn and half of milk into a blender and blend until in is smooth. Now, add this pureed mixture to the vegetable mixture that you have in the Dutch oven. Now, add remaining milk, salt, pepper and cheese to the mixture. Cook until cheese is melted, making sure to stir constantly.

Now, Put soup into the fabulous Bonito cups that you bought, then crumble up bacon and top the soup off.