Four Tasty Red Braided Bamboo Skewer Appetizer Ideas

Posted by Tammy on 28th Sep 2014

Everybody loves eating food on a skewer, at least everyone I know really enjoys anything on a pick or skewer. It just seems that anything on a stick, skewer or pick seems to taste a little better, don’t you think? If you love creating skewer recipes, then you should try out these tasty red braided bamboo skewer appetizer ideas.

red braided skewers
Red Braided Bamboo Skewers are the ultimate kitchen tools.

Red Braided Skewer Appetizer Ideas

1. Tasty Tomato skewer

Just place a grape tomato, a small chunk of cheese and another tomato on a beautiful red braided skewer to create a magnificent tomato skewer.

2. Cool Fruit skewer

To make a cool fruit skewer, just use fun shaped cookie cutters to cut out pieces of fruit. For instance, you could use a neat star shaped cookie cutter, then cut out stars from a melon or cantaloupe.

3. Lettuce Roll Up skewer

If you want to make a lettuce roll up skewer, simply take a small piece of lettuce, fill it with a grape tomato and a small piece of cheese, then roll it up. Once you have your lettuce wrap, stick a classy red braided bamboo skewer through it. The skewer will hold your wrap together.

4. Chocolate Banana skewer

Everyone loves chocolate bananas so to please all your party guests, dip slices of bananas with chocolate, then stick a skewer through the bananas. Once you prepare the bananas, place them on a baking sheet that you have already covered with parchment paper. Now, place the baking sheet in the freezer until chocolate sets on the bananas.

Hope you enjoy all these red braided bamboo skewer ideas.