Food Cones – Perfect For Weddings

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 9th Mar 2015

Would you like your wedding guests to be more involved in your special day? Here are some great ideas for you to use to get every one involved and become very much a part of your wedding day.

1. You can fill food cones up with rice or rose petals and hand them out to your guests, then your family and friends can toss the petals when you depart from the wedding venue. Food cones are made from premium bamboo, wood and plastic materials. They are eco-friendly thus making them great for the environment.

2. You can fill your food cones up with tasty treats like blueberries so your wedding guests can have something to much on as you exchange vows with your soon-to-be spouse. Food cones are crafted from material that is food safe.

medium bamboo cone
Food cones come in different sizes and styles, they make great fruit serving dishes.

3. You can roll up a piece of paper and put it in a food cone, along with the small pencil, write on the paper asking the guests to leave you some wedding day advice. Food cones add charm to any kind of wedding decor.

4. You can use food cones to decorate your reception venue, fill them with flowers, place them in cone stands and use as centerpieces on tables. Food cones are durable and add a unique touch to reception venues.

5. You can use them on dessert stations, put berries, donuts, small cookies in them and serve as a wedding day dessert treat. Food cones make excellent dessert dishes.

If you are looking for a new way to include your guests into your wedding day, a new way to decorate your venue or a unique way to serve your food, then why not, use Restaurantware’s food cones. They are durable, charming, elegant and safe vessels that can add a special touch to your wedding day. Your guests can even take the food cones home after the event as a wedding day souvenir.

You have read about a few different ways in which you can use food cones, but with a little imagination you will be able to come up with so many more uses for these unique cones. Here’s to you having the best day of your life.