Food and Tableware Tips For Caterers

Posted by Tammy on 19th Oct 2014

There will always be caterers in the food industry, this is because there will always be people who want help choosing the right food and tableware for their special occasions. In addition, there will always be folks who don’t want to worry about cleaning up after a big celebration or small shin-dig thus caterers will always be needed to when it comes to serving and creating delicious food items.

Here are three tips when it comes to creating a great catering menu:

1. Communication is Key. – Always communicate with your catering clients.

2. Ask questions. – As you communicate with your clients, ask questions. One question that many caterers forget to ask is “Are you vegetarian”, this can be a very important question. If your client wants you to serve vegetarian dishes and you serve meat dishes than surely your clients won’t be very happy thus they won’t want you to cater for them anymore.

3. Make a Menu that includes tableware. – Once you speak to your clients, then plan a menu. The best way to do this is by writing down everything, including the tableware in which you will serve all your recipes on at the catering function. Definitely, consider using disposable tableware because it is durable than you might think. Plus, it makes clean up a whole lot easier thus your life as a caterers will be a lot simpler.

white canoe dish
You can rely on these durable white canoe dishes to help you create the perfect catering setting.

One unique and beautiful piece of tableware that every caterer should be using is white canoe dishes. These modern day disposable bowls offer a classy touch to both buffet and sit-down meals. Plus, white canoe dishes are perfect for serving up things like olives, fruit and a variety of other culinary treats. These bowls measure 5 inches in length x .75 inches in height x 1.5 inches in width. The durability of these dishes is amazing so you won’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking when your catering clients and their guests are enjoying your tasty menu.

Hope these simple tips help you in your catering career, the main thing is to remember communication with your clients, creating tasty food dishes and serving it up in attractive disposable dishes, like gorgeous white canoe dishes.