Flower Pot Tableware Ideas

Posted by Catering Supplier on 2nd Jul 2013

The hospitality and catering industry is a thriving one, full of career opportunities for the creative and culinary alike. For those in the know, food service can play just as important a role as the quality of cuisine being served. For professionals, staying on the top of their game as well as on the cutting edge of hot new trends in their field can mean the difference between being thought of as the caterer to being thought of as THE caterer.

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One such trends partners food and floral for intriguing food display. When serving small to large crowds, put a fresh spin on your dessert recipes by serving them in small, individual terracotta colored pots. This latest trend in food service makes garden themes, outdoor events, or weddings with all types of fresh flowers really come together. Nothing is more visually appealing than unique, unusual and inventive table displays, especially when they tie into the overall theme of the event. Imagine the delight of your discerning clients when their dessert is served in such a unique, pretty and creative fashion. Each guest receives their final course in their own individual terracotta colored pot. flower pot tableware icon

The best types of dessert that will show off this type of garden display are mousse, panna cotta, or anything topped with cookie crumbles. (Especially a dark cookie crumble as it resembles soil). Additionally, desserts topped with sugar flowers or floral icing décor. An example of an ideal recipe to place and serve in a petite terracotta pot is one called “Sweet Earth” which involves a rich chocolate mousse topped with Oreo cookie crumbles (the “soil”) and finished with 1 to 3 sugar embellished sugar flowers “planted” in the sweet soil.

Ideal type of pots to use are plastic, terracotta colored (as opposed to actual clay pots) ranging in size from 2 to 5 inches in diameter. When searching for your pots, visualize the actual clay pots you find at gardening centers for use with starter plants. To display your potted desserts with flair, use a mini circular draining tray (or a small, lipped dish to acts as one). Place the entire ensemble atop a charger or decorative napkin, depending on whether the event is casual or elegant. For added flourish, place a floral or checked napkin between the drain dish and charger and sprinkle herbs or flowers around extra space created by the charger.