Five Reasons To Use Plastic Aqua Bowls

Posted by Tammy on 1st Mar 2014

Disposable Plastic Aqua Bowls are often used in the summertime for casual food gatherings. However, you should also know that these amazing bowls also work perfectly for higher end food gatherings, as well. You can use these modern plastic dishes in any season and in any type of restaurant or catering event. Below are five reasons why plastic aqua bowls can help you in any month of the year.

black aqua bowls
Use Black Plastic Aqua Bowls all year long.

Five Reasons For Using Plastic Aqua Bowls.

1. Centerpieces

You can fill these lovely bowls up with both edible and non-edible food items and create a unique elegant centerpiece. For example, you can fill these delightful dishes up with mints, rock candy, fruits or your favorite mini sweet snack, then display them on table tops to create a glamorous centerpiece at banquets, holiday parties and even weddings. You could also put a bouquet of little flowers in these bowls, which makes a cool centerpiece, too.

2. Perfect For Any Event

Many times a caterer is asked to use a certain color in regard to the tableware that they will be using for a particular event. Thankfully, these bowls come in three colors, white, black and seagreen so you will never have to worry about meeting the demands of finding a certain colored bowl.

seagreen aqua bowls
Beautiful Seagreen Aqua Bowls work perfectly in any type of food setting.

3. Perfectly sized

Plastic Aqua Bowls are the perfect size for serving salads, appetizers, soups and desserts. The measurement of an aqua bowl is 3.25 inches in length x 1.4 inches in height x 3.25 inches in width so you can also use them for serving side items like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and rice to your customers.

4. Unique

These modern stylish aqua bowls are made with a unique design so they can help you enhance any food presentation.

5. Durable

Plastic aqua bowls are made from the finest plastic so they are very durable and sturdy. You can have peace of mind that they won’t crack or break apart in the hands of your clients while they are eating.

white aqua bowls
White Plastic Aqua Bowl can help you enhance any type of food presentation.

Now, take a minute and think about the functionality, durability, size, uniqueness and design of plastic aqua bowls, can’t you see how these bowls can be used any time of the year and in any type of food setting?