Five Easy Recipes To Serve In Gorgeous White Wave Spoons

Posted by Tammy on 6th Oct 2014

Decided to buy some gorgeous white wave spoons? Need some recipes to serve on these beautiful spoons? Here are five easy recipes that are perfect for white wave spoons.

white wave spoons
You can use these gorgeous white wave spoons for serving a bunch of stuff, try them today.

Recipes that you can serve on Gorgeous White Wave Spoons

Cucumber Soup Put a scoop of cucumber soup on a white wave spoon, then top soup with a small dallop of yogurt and a fresh mint sprig. Serve.

Tomato Soup Put a spoonful of tomato soup on a glamorous white wave spoon, then top soup with a sprinkle or two of cheddar cheese. Serve

Berry Salad Slice some berries up, place on beautiful white wave spoons, then drizzle with a small amount of honey or orange juice. Serve

Macaroni and Cheese Fancy up your favorite macaroni and cheese by adding lobster or crab to it, then place a spoonful of it on a lovely white wave spoon. Serve

Salmon Create small salmon patties, then place them on a a pretty white wave spoon, garnish the patties with a small chunk of lemon. Serve

The uses of a white wave spoon are endless, these spoons can help you create a masterpiece without much effort, at all. Try them today and see just how many ways you can use them in your catering business or at your next party.