Ever-Green Holiday Parties

Posted by Catering Supplier on 21st Nov 2010

restaurantwareBy Kara Mae Adamo

Catering takes on a special meaning during the holidays. Not only are you setting the ambience for a special event, but you’re doing so during a time when people come together from all parts of the country for no reason beyond simple togetherness. And there is something beautiful in that. By planning holiday parties and dinners for people, you are providing them with beautiful presentations and culinary masterpieces that will last forever in their memories and photographs.

At restaurantware.com, you can find beautifully crafted, ecologically-friendly pieces that will impress your clients and their guests. Each of our environmentally conscious collections provides you with versatility, freeing you to mix and match at will, adding the personal touch that you’re looking for.

From their biodegradable, eco-friendly disposable plastic plates, disposable flatware, bamboo dinnerware, bamboo tableware and plastic champagne flutes to the Pastry Chef’s Corner’s generous variety of desert plates, cones and aperitifs, all sorts of wholesale catering supplies and their elegant and trendy “going green” designs will be sure to delight the palates of each client or guest, no matter the venue.

Ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, each piece is well-crafted and completely disposable. Unlike the glass and crystal that inspired many of these designs, our pieces won’t shatter during transportation and biodegrade completely within a few months, making them as beneficial to the planet as they will be to your business.

Restaurantware.com’s eco-friendly tableware will serve as the perfect finishing touch to your holiday event. Sprinkle edible gold in champagne flutes and serve your holiday puddings and custards in our Seagreen disposable tableware and Mini Kova Dessert Cups. Accent your Restaurantware.com pieces with dried fruits, colorful candles and re-useable cloth napkins and tablecloths in holiday colors and patterns will give your presentation a festive twist.

Restaurantware.com is answering the growing demand of businesses and consumers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle by offering environmentally-friendly, biodegradable tableware, plastic champagne flutes and plastic wine glasses for events, business meetings, wedding parties, and more. For more information, or to view the complete catering supplies and plastic plates line, please visit www.restaurantware.com

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