Ethnic cuisine: pay attention to flavors and displays | #FashionForFood

Ethnic cuisine: pay attention to flavors and displays | #FashionForFood

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 13th Jan 2016

Ethnic cuisine

Ethnic cuisine is taking over every trend list. Customers love trying new dishes, especially those completely different than the food they’re used to. Not only do the meals surprise customers, but the displays do too. Picking the best way to showcase every meal is crucial and you can have fun when serving ethnic foods. Here are a few of the top trending ethnic cuisines:

  • Mexican: One of the most popular ethnic cuisines comes from our southern neighbor. Mexican food has been a staple food in the US for many years. These hot food trend is colorful with their use of different peppers, vegetables, meats, and rice. Tacos and burritos are the most popular creations of this cuisine. Since these dishes are creative and unique, there are many different ways you can showcase this kind of food. For instance, you could use a metal taco rack to modernize your dish. These not only make your tacos look stunning, but they also make eating them more convenient for your customers.


  • Chinese: Another cuisine that has made a reputation in the US is Chinese food. This go-to cuisine has a special place in the hearts of Americans from coast to coast. With unique variations of rice and noodles and spicy yet sweet sauces with meat or tofu, Chinese cuisine will remain a staple. Not only does the food make a statement, but so does the packaging. Takeout containers and chopsticks are what usually come to mind when thinking of Chinese food. However, you could also add a special pizzazz by serving these delicious meals on bamboo tableware.


  • Japanese: Sushi has brought Japanese cuisine into the limelight. This exclusive cuisine is becoming more and more popular because of the different flavors it brings to the table. Many also find it fun to eat sushi since it is unlike any other cuisine. Not only are the flavors and ingredients different, but the presentation also sets it apart from other foods. Sushi is usually served on particular plates, sushi boats, or even on bamboo mats. This cuisine also exercises their customer’s ability to use chopsticks efficiently (but don’t worry — chopstick fork duos are available for those new to them).


  • Italian: Specialty pastas, breads, and pizza are just a few of the gems Italians brought to America that are here to stay. With both authentic Italian and American varieties, Italian food has had a great influence in countries across the globe. This cuisine is very versatile and can be made in many different ways; thus, you could also play around with displaying Italian food. Serving boards are always great ways to serve a whole pizza to a table. If serving spaghetti, Penne alla Vodka, or any other pasta, porcelain can display these gourmet foods well. The white of elegant porcelain helps the vibrant colors of Italian dishes stand out.


  • Greek: With festivals and restaurants opening across the country, Greek cuisine gains more popularity every day. Gyros, Spanakopita, and Baklava are only a few of the delicious dishes we see from this exclusive cuisine. Greek food is seen more commonly because of the health food trend. With their use of olive oil, vegetables, grains, fish, and meat, most of their dishes have great nutritional value. With the variety Greek cuisine offers, there are many options in showcasing this decadent food. Gyros are popular in paper wraps, but they can also be served successfully in food cones.


  • Thai: Thai is known for accelerating the flavors of chicken and peanuts in the tastiest ways possible. With chicken satay, pad thai, and coconut soup topping their menus, no other cuisine plays with ingredients like Thai food does. As much as you can play around with spices and fruits in Thai cuisine, you can also play around with how you display this food. Geometric plastic dishes can add a modern flair to this exclusive cuisine.


  • Indian: Heat and spice are two main factors in authentic Indian food. With Tandoori chicken, curry dishes, Tikka Masala, and Naan bread to match, Indian cuisine offers intense flavors and rare textures. To match with the exotic flair, serving these lovely creations in inventive tableware only makes sense. Palmware, wood, and other eco-friendly tableware showcases the all-natural ingredients well with their rustic color. The vibrant colors contrast well with brown, so organic tableware only makes sense when it comes to serving Thai dishes.


  • Caribbean: One of the the most underrated exotic cuisines is Caribbean. This cuisine mixes exotic fruits with inventive spices for bringing out the most in different meats. It’s also common for authentic Caribbean food to be cooked over an open flame, which brings a smoky flavor without drying out meat. Many Caribbean meats are skewered for serving and others are served on colorful dishes.  


  • Hawaiian: Ethnic cuisine doesn’t have to originate from outside the US. We can find unique flavors and dishes, especially in Hawaii. Many describe Hawaiian food as a melting pot of ethnic cuisines. These foods are influenced by many different cuisines which creates a completely new experience. The tropical flavors can easily be represented through the display as well. Using fish spoons, shell plates, and other tropical-themed tableware can help create an entire Hawaiian theme to any dinner table.