Enhance Your Party Food Trays By Using Bamboo Forks

Posted by Tammy on 14th Sep 2014

It seems that all caterers, party hosts and even restaurant chefs create party food trays from time to time, but sometimes these types of food displays end up looking boring and dull. If you have ever made a fruit plate or cheese tray than you surely know what I am talking about, right? Well, the next time you are faced with the task of creating a party food tray, just use these tips for enhancing any type of party tray.

bamboo fork
Look at how much class and elegance a bamboo fork adds to a party platter.

Ways To Enhance A Party Tray

Fill a bamboo cup up with charming bamboo forks and place the cup in the center of your tray. Bamboo tableware can add a natural beauty to any kind of party platter.

If you are making a cheese tray, lay your cheese around the edges and in the middle of your platter, then stick several durable bamboo forks in your cheese chunks. This way not only will you be adding elegance to your tray, but the forks will make it easier for your guests to pick up their favorite cheese.

When you create a mini sandwich tray, try placing bamboo forks around the edges of your platter. This will add a unique touch to any sandwich party tray.

Bamboo forks can also add glamor to any fruit tray, as well. Plus, if you use them in your fruit display than your culinary fans will be able to grab pieces of fruit without having to use their hands.

Party trays are created a lot at home parties, catering events and in some restaurants. The thing to remember is party trays can be boring and unimpressive so if you are making one, just remember to add irresistible bamboo forks to your party platter.