Elegant and Easy Whipped Cream Recipes – Perfect For An Amuse Bouche

Posted by Tammy on 18th Sep 2014

You don’t have to spend hours making an elegant Amuse Bouche, the truth is you can make an excellent Amuse Bouche by whipping up this delicious whipped cream recipe and serving it on a classy Bamboo Leaf Spoon. This recipe is very tasty and offer a lovely touch to amuse bouche treats and a variety of other desserts. In addition, bamboo leaf spoons are equipped with a modern design and can add the perfect finishing touch to any appetizer or dessert creation.

bamboo leaf spoon
It is easy to make a gorgeous amuse bouche with a little help from classy bamboo leaf spoons.

Recipe – Easy Whipped Cream


2 cups of heavy whipping cream

2 Tablespoons of sugar

vanilla extract


Make sure the bowl you use to mix your cream in is chilled, plus, make sure your heavy whipping cream is also chilled. Note: some people recommend putting your bowl, whisk, and whipping cream in the freezer for about 10 minutes before you make this recipe.

Now, place all your ingredients in the bowl, mix until small peaks form, this usually takes about one or two minutes. You can use an electric mixer or whisk the ingredients in a mixing bowl, however, if you use a whisk to mix the ingredients together it will probably take about two or three minutes.

Once whipping cream is mixed and has formed small peaks, put a scoop of it on a charming bamboo leaf spoon and top with your favorite berry. Now, you have just created a perfectly elegant amuse bouhe, enjoy.