Edible Chocolate Cup Recipe Served In An Elegant Mini Porcelain Dish

Posted by Tammy on 16th Dec 2014

Impress all your Holiday party guests by serving up this edible chocolate cup recipe filled with a delicious vanilla mousse or berry filling. Everyone at your party is bound to be amazed when they see this delicious dessert sitting on a beautiful mini porcelain Le Fleur Porcelain Dish. Mini dishes are wonderful to use at parties, especially this time of year. These types of dishes add a unique beauty to casual or upscale Holiday parties, which means they will help you create a very special holiday tablescape.


lefleur dish
Mini dishes fit perfectly into any Holiday party decor.

Delicious Edible Chocolate Cup


Double Boiler ( you can also use a saucepan and a glass dish)


Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Chunks

Baking Cups



Put water in your double boiler


Place water in your saucepan and put the glass dish in the saucepan, then put both saucepan and glass dish on stove top. If you are using this method to melt your chocolate, them make sure your glass dish fits nicely into the saucepan because you don’t want moisture getting into your chocolate.

Heat the water up that you placed in your double boiler, once it boils add chocolate into top of boiler. Stirring frequently, melt chocolate. This won’t take very long so make sure to watch your chocolate carefully.

After chocolate melts, put a spoonful of it in the bottom of your baking cups, then using a paint brush – dip brush in melted chocolate and paint the sides of your baking cups.

Place painted cups in freezer to set. Once chocolate sets in baking cups, take them out of freezer and peel the baking cup off the chocolate. Presto, you have just made an edible chocolate cup.

Fill with berries or your favorite dessert filling and serve in Beautiful Mini Le Fleur Porcelain Dishes.