Easy Breakfast Ideas And Tableware

Posted by Tammy on 29th Sep 2014

If you own a restaurant, a catering business, a hotel or bread and breakfast, then you should really take a peek at these three easy and entertaining breakfast ideas, your guests will love you for taking the time to get a little more creative during your breakfast feast.

large kova cups
Your guests will love this tasty breakfast treat served in pretty kova cups.

Breakfast Idea # 1:

Fill up a Seagreen Geometric Kova Cup with a flavored yogurt, then top it off with a tasty granola. Now, for a finishing touch place a fresh strawberry on a pretty block bamboo skewer and serve as a delicious breakfast treat. Your guests are sure to love this tasty healthy treat.

Breakfast Idea # 2:

You can also fill Large Kova cups up with a scramble egg mixture, then topped with a flavorful salsa.

Breakfast Idea #3:

Use durable plastic tableware for serving all your breakfast treats, Restaurantware’s premium plastic tableware will add a modern twist to any breakfast setting. Plus, all their tableware is affordable and made from heavy duty material so your guests don’t have to worry about their plates, bowls, cups or cutlery breaking while they enjoy all your breakfast goodies.

Every person in the food industry can benefit greatly by using high quality plastic tableware, get some for yourself and reap the benefits of this modern tableware. You and your guests will be happy that you took the time to incorporate premium plastic tableware into your breakfast settings.