Don’t Serve Boring Appetizer and Desserts, Use Hafner Mini Puff Shell Bouches

Posted by Tammy on 27th Feb 2014

Are you becoming bored with your appetizers and desserts? Are you having troubles coming up with new ideas when it comes to the food you put on your buffets or offer in your restaurant? If so, let hafner mini puff bouche shells inspire you to create new modern recipes that you and your culinary fans will love to eat.

hafner mini bouche shells
Make an exciting appetizer or dessert by using Hafner Mini Puff Shell Bouches.

Just take one look at these dainty shells and you will quickly feel excited and inspired by the cute design of them. These shells are made out of puff pastry, which means they add a lovely graceful touch to appetizers and desserts. In addition, these beauties are so easy to use, all you have to do is heat them up in an oven, fill them and serve.

Hafner Mini Puff Bouche Shells measure 1.35 in length and have a little hole on the top that you can fill with a variety of different items. For instance, you can soften some cream cheese, add some smoked salmon to it, then sprinkle it with dill and place the mixture in one of these crisp flaky shells. You could also fill them with a strawberry jam, then add a dallop of cool whip on the top and presto, you create a yummy easy dessert.

The design, taste and texture of Hafner mini puff bouche shells is so grand that many chefs have them on hand all the time. You can fill them with almost any mixture so get them today and  you won’t ever have to serve boring appetizers or desserts again.