Don’t Let Finding Tableware For Opening Ceremonies Be A Hassle

Posted by Tammy on 25th Apr 2012

Opening Ceremonies usually occur if an event is going to last for a few days or more thus these types of events don’t come around very often in the catering world. However, if you’ve been placed in the position that you need to cater one of these kinds of events, then you should know a couple key things.

The first thing is opening ceremonies are usually implemented during annual business meetings, sporting events or conventions. Although, there are other reasons that people want to perform opening ceremonies, as well. You will have to find the reason for the ceremony, ask the event planner if they are expecting a specific type of food or certain drinks. In addition, you have to remember to get the number of guests that will be attending the event, too.

The main thing to think about is that these types of ceremonies are usually designed to enhance a specific type of important event thus you can always base your theme around the actual event, itself. An example of this could be the opening ceremony is for a Boat Racers Club. This means you could afford all hassles by simply go to and purchase Medium Bamboo Boats to serve your food in because these cute boats will clearly match the theme of the overall event.

Tableware for opening ceremonies


You should also buy Carved Bamboo Spoons while you’re visiting These spoons will go perfectly with the boats and they both are great products for outdoor themed events. If you get all your tableware goods from Restaurantware, then you can be certain that the catering part of the opening ceremony will be very successful.