Disposable Wine Glasses For All Events

Posted by Catering Supplier on 26th Jun 2011

Disposable wine glasses come in a variety of shapes like the swivel wine glass made in acrylic. The shapes range from goblets to flutes and stemless. There are even square wine glasses. A Square 8 ounce wine glass is coordinated well with similarly shaped plates.
Square plates white look slightly different than the traditional round plate, but because the plate is still in white it is not too drastic a change. It’s a great look for the forward thinking person who has a event and doesn’t want to spend the whole evening cleaning after the event. With these disposable plates they can just be tossed in the garbage bin when the guest is finished eating. An 8 inch square plate in white is a simple design with clean lines. They have a higher outer edge and are also 8 inches in diameter. It’s important to dine on attrative dinnerware, but you need something good to eat off those plates.

Vegetable or meat Kabobs on skewers seasoned to perfection is a very pleasant delight to serve your guests. Satay, Souvlaki and kabobs are all skewered foods which create a tasty combination of meats and vegetables. Other foods could be served similarly, not only vegetables but toasted breads can be served this way too.

The way you entertain can be elevated by the fact that the host and hostess are freed up to mingle with their guests longer and can better enjoy the day or evening knowing that it doesn’t end with a major clean up. Using wine glasses and square plates to dine with and then dispose of them, makes an event much more fun for the hosts. Serving Kabobs will also reduce the amount of time devoted to serving a meal. Overall much time and energy is saved when one entertains this way.