Disposable Square Plastic Plate

Posted by Catering Supplier on 27th Jun 2011


Why spend as much time cleaning up after your party or other special event as you did preparing it? Using a disposable square plastic plate to hold your food items offers you the opportunity to be free from lots of clean up after the event is over. Its square shape helps in keeping the food on the plate and out of the laps of your guests. These plates go beyond the typical paper plates in design, color, and strength. They help in making you look good, surprising your guests that you have gone all out in style, even in plastic.
Disposable forks are a must for any party or special event. You can buy them in different qualities. However, using heavy duty forks will not only impress your guests, but will eliminate the embarrassment of breaking a fork tine. Plastic forks come in different sizes with impressive colors, clear, or silver. Using these will also help in less clean up when the event is over. Your guests can toss them in the trash when they are finished using them, or it will only take a few minutes to toss them in the trash yourself when the guests are gone.
Why not top off your party or special event by serving your special drinks in flutes glasses? Whether glass or plastic, it’s your choice for the drink being offered, or the event you are hosting. You have impressed them thus far with the plates and forks, so why not go all out for the rest of the meal. Serve the guests their drinks in a glass that says you know how to put a party together.
It’s always fun hosting a party or other special event, and the fun gets even better when the clean up requires less time and effort.