Disposable Glasses and Plates

Posted by Catering Supplier on 26th Aug 2011

disposable glasses

The way to prepare for any meal when you do not want to be burdened with clean up afterward is to use disposable glasses and plastic disposable plates. After finishing the meal, you simply toss your plates in the garbage. There’s no loading the dishwasher or standing over a sink full of dishes and washing and drying plates and glasses. If its a party you’re throwing, the clean up will be a cinch when all the dishware can easily be disposed by tossing it in the trash bin.

Plastic plates can be very utilitarian, white and sturdy with very little fanfare or you can opt for something very unexpected in plastic ware. A 10 inch Platinum Square Black Plastic dish with a shiny silver edge looks very different and fun. No one would expect this much design in a disposable dish. White plastic dishes with a polka dot border are another unique design that fits in well for a special occasion or everyday occasion. Duplicating the traditional white scalloped china plate is a plastic dish with a 10 inch diameter that works very well in an informal or formal occasion.

Glasses in plastic can be very smartly designed like the fluted tumbler in 9, 10, 12 or 16 ounce sizes. The Square Clear Rocks Tumbler is made to hold 9 ounces. Tumblers can be ornate with faux crystal cut and faux scalloping in the plastic’s design giving the glass distinction with the unique texture.

Throw away dishes plastic and glasses are made to be very interesting with a great deal of detail, much like traditional china and glassware. Etching, scallops and unique shapes can be made in plastic to make the dishes very textural and interesting. In addition to being lovely enough to use during special occasion it is disposable.