Delicious Layered Raspberry Dessert Served Up In Square Incline Cups

Posted by Tammy on 29th Sep 2014

This delicious raspberry dessert tastes incredible and looks amazing served up in square incline cups. It is always a big hit at social gathering, catering events and family dinners. You and your guests are bound to fall in love with this delicious treat.

square incline cups
Square Incline Cups make excellent dessert vessels.

Delicious Raspberry Dessert Recipe


Raspberry Jell-o (12-ounces, two 6 ounce packages work best)

4 cups of boiling water

1 bag of frozen raspberries

Raspberry Pudding (two 6 ounce packages work best)

Whipped Topping


Put one 6 ounce package of into 2 cups of boiling water, stir until jell-o dissolves, then add in half of your raspberries and stir until raspberries mixed in well. Now, repeat this step using the rest of your water and the rest of your jell-o. Put this mixture in your fridge to cool and set up slightly.

Once jell-o has set up a little more into lovely square incline cups, then top the jell-o with whipped cream and raspberry pudding. Garnish with a raspberry.

The best thing about this recipe is you can use any flavor of jell-o and pudding thus you can create a new layered dessert any time you desire. Great way to get creative in regard to desserts.

Seagreen Square Incline Cups are durable and make excellent dessert cups. They have become very popular in the catering industry so don’t miss out buy these cups today.