Cutting Boards for Food and Kitchen Safety

22nd Jun 2017

Restaurantware would like to proudly introduce our Sure Grip, non slip cutting boards. Complete with measurement markers, a carrying handle, and non slip grips on each corner, these scratch-resistant plastic cutting boards ensure safety, promote organization, and simplify food preparation. Conveniently dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up. Available in 4 different colors with suggested uses to support safe food handling and prevent contamination from raw proteins or allergens.

Non Slip Grips

Ensure the safety of knife operators in your kitchen, with Sure Grip cutting boards. Fully equipped with non slip grips on every corner to prevent sliding, gliding, or rocking. The shock absorbing grips guarantee that the board stays in place even under the pressure of forceful chopping, shredding, or slicing. Equipped with a carrying handle for easy transport of prepped food.

Measurement Markers

An expertly plated dish requires uniform cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing. Empower your kitchen staff to utilize the measurement markers for precision in ingredient cutting, prevention of food waste, and consistency in recipe re-creation. Constant awareness of ingredient size variation will enable your staff to adjust cooking times, amounts of seasoning, and ensure pristine presentation.

Color Coding for Food Safety

An organized kitchen is a safe kitchen. Organize your food prep stations with color coded cutting boards to prevent cross contamination from raw meats or allergens. We suggest that you use green for produce, red for raw proteins, purple for allergens, and white for cooked foods. Enhance these food safety efforts with our Back of the House, HACCP Protection knives with color coded pins. Be confident that you are abiding by food safety laws and honoring special dietary restrictions.