Create The Best Food Presentation In Town By Using Porcelain Plates

Posted by Tammy on 2nd Mar 2014

The way you present your food means a lot in restaurants and at catering events, wouldn’t you agree? People are more likely to eat the food you serve them if you give it to them on beautiful plates so it is really smart to serve your goodies on contemporary gorgeous looking porcelain plates. Two particular porcelain plates that can help you create the best food presentation in town are mini handled and mini modern porcelain plates. These two plates look astounding on any type of restaurant or catering table.

mini handled plates
The handles on this porcelain plate add a lovely touch to the overall plate.

Mini handled porcelain plates have adorable little handles on the side of them. These handles not only add to the overall beauty of the plate, but they also give your servers something to grip onto when they are carrying the plate to a customer’s table. Mini handled porcelain plates measure 4.13 inches in length x 8 inches in height x 2.75 inches in width, which means you can put many of your food creations in them. However, they work particularly well for mini appetizers and mini desserts.

mini modern plates
Don’t these mini modern porcelain plates look fabulous.

Mini modern porcelain plates look like they are standing on a little stand, which is very cool. These lovely plates measure 3.15 inches in length x 1 inch in height x 3 inches in width so you can also use these for serving a variety of culinary treats. Many chefs use them to serve amuse bouche, bite sized appetizers and mini desserts.

Both of these porcelain plates can help you add the perfect amount of glamor to your food displays, which means that surely you will reach your goal of creating the best food presentation in town very soon.