Create Modern Food Displays By Using Wood Cones and Stands

Posted by Tammy on 14th Feb 2015

If you own a restaurant or catering company than you know how important it is to create modern food displays, right? Sometimes this can be a little hard, mainly, because you always have to keep finding different ways to finish of tablescapes and improve your establishments decor. Howevver,  if you just buy one or two wood cone stands and a few wood cones this task can be much easier. Wood cones and stands can be used in a bunch of ways thus you can keep changing how you use them and create new tablescapes daily.

Restaurantware’s wood cones and stands are made from pinewood, this means they are durable and hold up well in any type of food environment. In addition, the charming wood used to make these unique tableware pieces has a natural charming beauty that adds depth to any table setting or table scape. You use wood cones and stands on buffets or as centerpieces on tabletops, either way you choose to use them the outcome will bring happiness to the faces of your customers.

wood cones
Wood cones can add character to any kind of food environment.

Three ways you can use Wood Cones and Wood Cone Stands:

1. You can fill large pinewood cones up with your favorite berries, then feature them as a highlight on a dessert line.

2. You can put french fries in pinewood cones, then put the cones in a wood stand and set it in the middle of a table as a centerpiece or food display.

3. You can serve other types of food items in wood cones that are featured in stands and serve it to customers. Wood cones and stands are an excellent substitution for plates and bowls.

wood cone stand
Wood cone stands make amazing french fry holders.

The fact is with help from your imagination and a couple wood cone stands, you can surely create the perfect tablescape and food display. The best part is you can change your table decor up all the time, without having to spend money buying items regularly.