Craft cocktail revolution

25th Jul 2017

Where were craft cocktails born? By whom? And when? Many, who are part of the craft cocktail revolution and the anti-craft cocktail revolution, ponder and pine over the origins.

The current craze for carefully-constructed cocktails with fresh and exotic ingredients has its roots in a number of historical trends, so don’t be alarmed if a man wearing arm garters offers to make you a drink involving eight ingredients that takes six minutes to prepare; it’s all been done before.

Pop culture acknowledges that the advent of the Cosmopolitan in the late 1990’s, was an important milestone in the bedrock of the mixing, shaking, and balancing of what craft cocktail culture has become today. But craft cocktails are more embedded in literature and history than most of us might think. In the Iliad, Homer wrote of epic heroes drinking wine mixed with goat cheese, barley, and an onion garnish.

Taste and demand dictates, but some over-zealous mixologists and the establishments they work for require a very pretty penny, for a few liquid ingredients tossed together. But the true craft cocktail is something more.

A true craft cocktail has fresh muddled herbs, fruits and vegetables. It has perfectly blended - not just shoddily shaken or stirred- home-made ingredients presented in the appropriate temperature, attractive glassware, and with a compelling garnish. Each craft cocktail that is served is an artistic accomplishment, not simply a statistical gain.

We all must do our part to be allegiant to the true mission of craft cocktails: superior liqueurs, infusions, homemade simple syrups, fresh herbs, plump fruits, and refreshing vegetables coming together to transcend what has been the lazy way of building drinks. Creating true craft cocktails, where each sip is stellar, is the goal. Let us know how we can help.