Compostable Cutlery for a Healthier Planet

21st Jun 2017

Plastic cutlery is used all over the world by restaurants and food service businesses, due to its low cost and convenience. While it is unlikely that the waste in creating and disposing of plastic cutlery will ever be completely eliminated, it is important to arm your business with these two facts surrounding plastic cutlery.

To manufacture 1 pound of plastic cutlery wastes 21 gallons of water.

Earth’s precious resources including fossil fuels, natural gas, and water are needed to create plastic cutlery. After production, plastic cutlery is packaged, often with more plastic, and distributed to retail outlets. And all for the convenience of single use utensils.

Only 6% of all plastic waste in the United States is recycled.

Most plastic cutlery is made from polystyrene 1. As most municipalities do not offer recycling for polystyrene, any plastic cutlery that ends up in the recycling bin is usually sorted out and sent to a landfill. In plastics, atoms are linked to one another with bonds that are not naturally occurring, inhibiting bacteria from breaking the bonds. As plastic and its ubiquitous use have only been around for the last 8 decades, our full understanding of its decay cycle is not fully formed. Many scientists believe that some plastics will never completely decompose.

Replace plastic cutlery with compostable cutlery.

When you reduce the amount of plastic cutlery used in your restaurant or food service, you demonstrate to your customers and employees that the preservation of Earth’s precious resources and the long term health of the environment is important. By switching to compostable cutlery, you will reduce carbon emissions, minimize solid waste in landfills, and be part of an ever growing group of humans that stands for a healthy Earth.