Clear Geometric Kova Bowls Are Both Functional And Durable

Posted by Tammy on 27th Feb 2014

Clear Geometric Kova Bowls are functional, durable and look classy in any type of food setting. These modern day bowls are made of premium plastic, which makes them durable. In addition, they measure 4.25 inches in length x 3 inches in height x 4.25 inches in width  and are 16 ounce bowls. These delightful bowls are used often by catering companies, restaurants, hotels, bars and many other food institutions.

clear kova bowls
Clear Geometric Kova Bowls work well in any type of food environment.

Caterers use them a lot for transporting food from one venue to another. Many catering companies also use them for serving fruits, snacks and appetizers. The clear color of these lovely bowls make it easy for clients of caterers to see the yummy food that the caterer has on display at a party event.

Chefs are restaurants use classy clear kova bowls for serving dips, sauces and gravy. The material that these fine bowls are made of is strong so they can easily hold up in a restaurant kitchen. Some chefs also use these for serving mousses, puddings and many types of desserts because the style of these pretty bowls add a little extra special touch to a restaurant dessert.

Hotel chefs and owners fill beautiful kova bowls up with breakfast items and place the bowls on their breakfast buffet settings. Guests who stay at these hotels love the appearance, durability and elegance of these types of bowls.

Bartenders are known to fill classy kova bowls up with snacks like pretzels, peanuts and popcorn so their customers can enjoy a little treat as they enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Clear Kova Bowls are both funcitonal and durable, which is the main reason they get used so often in every type of food establishment around the country. Don’t wait any longer, start using bowls that you can depend on to serve your culinary treats.