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Posted by Catering Supplier on 17th Apr 2013

Restaurantware Announces Addition of Chef’s Apparel

Chicago-based, chef-focused ecommerce start-up started three years ago with a line of biodegradable and recyclable tableware, Fashion for Food™.  Now, Restaurantware manufacturers and distributes over 500 different disposable dishes, a line of porcelain smallware, select pastry focused food items.  New for Spring 2013, Restaurantware is proud to announce it is now offering a full line of chef clothing, Fashion for Chefs. After establishing themselves as the leading supplier of catering products, the co-founder of Restaurantware, Jalila Bouchareb, saw this as a natural transition, “Not only do we want to provide chef’s with a great way to present their culinary creations, but we also want the chefs to look and feel great too.” The line is comprised of chef jackets, pants, aprons, and headwear, in a wide variety colors and sizes. The full line can be purchased online at


The line of chef apparel is all encompassing, with everything from a traditionally crisp white jacket and checkered black and white pants to fun prints and more modern cuts, chefs are sure to find something they like and that can be tailored to their event.  Each piece will be sold separately starting at $9, so mixing and matching tops and bottoms is encouraged.  Chefs can dress for specific holidays and even color coordinate with their staff – sous chefs, servers, and bartenders. And perhaps the most adorable part of it all is that it all comes in children’s sizes as well, so they are perfect for children’s birthday parties and cooking classes.

All of the following categories are currently available for purchase at

chef aprons assorted chef jackets Hats for Chefs shoes for chefs premium women's chef jacket child chef apron organic chef jacket bartender tunic

Restaurantware is rapidly growing and its presence is known by chefs in all realms of the food and beverage industry – five-star hotels, hip restaurants, and casinos as well as with caterers and wedding planners. With the addition of chef apparel, Restaurantware is moving closer to a one-stop shop for everyone’s entertaining needs and supplies. Restaurantware’s current line of disposable and reusable tableware includes small plates for amuse bouche, verrines for desserts, shot glasses for shooters and a full collection of bamboo plates, boats and skewers for eco-conscious consumers.  Restaurantware manufactures and distributes the largest selection of disposable tableware in North America and has established itself as a leader in the disposables industry as a result of its innovative, accessible and easy-to-use smallware.



Date 4/17/2013