Check Out These Unique Ways To Use Knotted Bamboo Skewers

Posted by Tammy on 2nd Sep 2014

Are you wondering how you can use knotted bamboo skewers in your catering business? Well, here are three ways in which you can impress your clients with 4 inch bamboo skewers.

bamboo knotted skewers
Knotted Bamboo Skewers seem to always come in handy.

1. On the grill:

Of course, this is probably the most popular way to use any bamboo skewer, but remember if you are putting food on a bamboo skewer, then placing it on a grill you must follow the guidelines to grilling with bamboo skewers. The main thing you need to know about grilling with bamboo skewers is that bamboo skewers need soaked before being placed over an open flame

. 2. Use to serve fruit:

You can place chunks of fruit on a knotted bamboo skewer, then chill the filled skewer until you are ready to serve them at your catering event. Fruit skewers are scrumptious and very impressive, especially if you serve them alongside a incline cup filled with a yogurt dip.

3. Use to Poke holes in cakes.

If you are planning to bake a cake and only want to glaze it, then poking holes in the top can allow your glaze to drip into the cake thus it can give your cake more flavor.

4. Use to test brownies or other baked goods.

You can use a knotted skewer to check and see if your brownies are fully baked, just take a skewer and gently poke it into the middle of your brownies, it the skewer comes out clean than the pan of brownies are done.

Bamboo knotted skewers are some of the best kitchen gadgets on the market so if you are a caterer, restaurant chef and home cook than make sure to always have these skewers on hand.