Charming Bamboo Sheaths – Great Tablescape Idea

Posted by Tammy on 22nd Sep 2014

Looking for a unique tablescape idea? Trying to find a great way to decorate your party platters? Thankfully, you don’t have to look any longer because all you have to do is use charming bamboo sheaths. Keep reading to see some fabulous ways that you can use bamboo sheaths.

bamboo sheaths
Bamboo Sheaths -the best decorating tool.

Uses for Bamboo Sheaths

1. Place bamboo sheaths in the center of your table, then place a lovely vase on top of the sheaths to create a wonderful centerpiece.

2. Put bamboo sheaths down the center of your table, then place your dishes on top of the sheaths to create a unique tablescape.

3. Place bamboo sheaths around the edges of your fruit platters or meat trays and add a modern touch to your food displays. Bamboo sheaths offer a natural earthy touch to any food presentation. They have a unique design so they can help you create a one of a kind food display.

4. Bamboo sheaths measure between 11 inches and 12 inches. The size of each sheath may vary somewhat because they are actually made from natural dry bamboo leafs.

You are truly going to be amazed by the lovely style, design and character of bamboo sheaths so why not try them out at your next catering event or party function. You can even add a nice modern touch to your restaurant tables or hostess stands by using high quality, first-rate bamboo sheaths. Go ahead, order some sheaths today.