Champagne Flutes Are Great For Events

Posted by Catering Supplier on 28th Jun 2011

champagne flutes

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, champagne flutes and disposable cutlery can be used for the same event. It may seem odd to combine the two, but for an outdoor wedding or any other outdoor celebration it may be the perfect combination. The next time you plan a shower and you’re wondering how much cutlery you’ll need to rent or buy, consider disposable flatware, it’s the perfect solution.

Flutes in glass are very plentiful especially if price is not an obstacle. A Marquis by Waterford Yours Truly Flute Pair is $44 at Amazon. Riedel Vinum produces an Extreme Champagne flute. You can purchase a pair for $55 at You can buy 100 plastic Wedding champagne flute by OTC at Amazon.

Glasses champagne always look elegant at a special occasion. Even though your flatware is plastic it can also have an elegant appeal. The metallic-look plastic flatware at will adorn any well dressed occasion quite nicely. The handles of the fork, knife and spoon is sculpted to resemble silverware, yet the entire set is disposable. If you select to have a disposable champagne flute as well, then the many styles of plastic drink ware will give you the exact style to match your tastes.

The next party that you plan with easy clean up in mind; consider buying disposables for the whole occasion. From drink ware to flatware and plates, each piece can be selected for easy disposal at the end of the celebration. Drink ware looks so upscale, even plastic can be purchased with prisms, etching, and tinted colors. Whatever the occasion you can find the right dinner ware for your party. If you desire glassware, your choices are almost infinite. There is a significant decrease in the number of styles available in plastic, but the choices are wide enough to provide at least several choices for each style of drink ware.