Catering Tips For Anniversary Parties

Posted by Tammy on 7th Sep 2014

A silver anniversary is an important milestone in a couple’s life, it is definitely a time to celebrate with family and friends. Many couples want all the trimmings when it comes to their silver (25th) anniversary party so this means if you want them to choose your catering company to cater their party than you must have some unique party ideas in your arsenal of catering tricks. Of course, you probably already have some unique tasty dishes that you can serve, right? But, how will you be featuring your delicious treats is also important so try out these ideas below to ensure that you are the caterer who gets the job.

First off, in regard to forks and spoons, how about using disposable silverware from Restaurantware. Silver forks and spoons are affordable, they look very close to real silverware and plastic tableware makes cleaning up after this special event much easier on everyone.

silver spoon
Disposable Silverware the best choice for anniversary parties.

Secondly, in regard to plates, white plastic plates is the way to go, these plates look elegant and are durable enough to hold any food item that you serve as a main course.

Silver Rimmed Plates are elegant and ideal for special occasions.

The third thing is if you are serving an amuse bouche or your favorite one bite wonder than Silver Curly Tasting spoons would work exceptionally well. These spoons are very lovely and are bound to impress the couple.

Look at how lovely an amuse bouche treat looks on a curly silver spoon.

Disposable Silverware is perfect for such a special occasion so make sure to try it out the next time you are hosting or catering a Silver anniversary party or any other special event.