Catering Tableware That Will Enhance Any Cinco De Mayo Event

Posted by Tammy on 3rd May 2012

On the fifth of May, many people are celebrating a holiday that is called Cinco De Mayo. However, most folks don’t even know much about this holiday or understand the types of food that should be prepared to make this holiday an unforgettable celebration. In addition, some people forget that they need tableware that will enhance their dishes thus create the perfect ambiance for a Cinco De Mayo Event.

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated to commemorate the Mexican Army’s beautiful win over the French during the Battle of Puebla. It is how many people celebrate with pride Mexican history and its heritage. In many places, this Holiday is celebrated by huge parades in which people wear patriotic costumes to show their pride. In addition, Mexican food becomes one of the staples of every celebration event.

If you’re catering a Cinco De Mayo Event you should know that one type of Mexican food that is often cooked during Cinco de Mayo is Tamales. There are many different versions of tamales that you can make for this special occasion. However, no matter if you create your own favorite recipe or use a tamale recipe that you have recently found you should get your Cinco De Mayo tableware from One great product that would truly enhance your tamales is the stylish fun Rectangular Bamboo Plate that you can purchase at Restaurant Ware.

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With These Stylish Bamboo Rectangular Plates

A few other types of food that many people enjoy on Cinco De Mayo are Salsa and Sopas (Mexican soups). You can easily find your catering tableware for these two kinds of food dishes at Restaurant Ware, as well. The fact is for your salsa why not try using Restaurantware’s Shooting Star Appetizer Plates or their Alato Seagreen Tasting Dishes since both of these products would help you accomplish your goal of enhancing your table settings and your yummy food dishes.

Take a look at these Shooting Star Appetizer Plates and Imagine how great they will look on your Cinco De Mayo Tables.

Shooting Star Plate
Enhance Your Cinco De Mayo Event By Using Seagreen Shooting Star Plates