Cakepots are a Better Choice than Cakepops

Posted by Catering Supplier on 2nd Aug 2013

The new trend in wedding desserts are cakes done in little terracotta flower pots. For an outside wedding this would be a lovely touch. However even though the idea sounds pretty unique, how do you present them to your guests? There are several ideas.flower pot for cake serving

First of all, the first decision is real or fake flowers on top of the mini cakes? What type of flower is going to be used and color? Look towards your bouquet for your flower inspiration. If your bouquet is red roses, then top your flower pots with the same. If you have a wildflower bouquet, choose your cake flowers from that arrangement. As for fake or real that will depend on budget, quantity needed, type of flower and so on. Edible roses are easy to purchase already made. Edible pansies and other flowers are too easy to buy. If using flowers that come in different colors, like roses, have the flowers match the event colors.

The pot themselves are a little plain for a dressy occasion. Dress them up with matching ribbons. Ribbons can easily be glued to the top rim of the pot and or the bottom. Strung pearls or beads would add a nice touch as well.

Now that the cakes and pots are decorated, how should you display them? These desserts would be a welcome addition to the dessert table. Make sure that your guests can not confuse them with non-edible plants and flowers. Place them in small groups on the table so they look like a flower arrangements. Another way to present these cakes is as individual favors on the tables. They could easily make beautiful place card holders as well.

The last thing to consider is how your guests are going to eat them. Some of the guesses will be hesitant to eat from a flower pot. One way to get over that fear is to serve your pot with printed beverage napkins that say dig in. The napkins should match the color of the flower to keep the theme constant. No special utensils are needed unless you can find small garden shovels to serve with your cake. These cakes are something that your guests will not forget.