Bring Out Your Inner Child – Make This Tasty Jelly And Custard Dessert

Posted by Tammy on 28th Sep 2014

We all throw a party from time to time, but sometimes during a party we would like our guests to feel alive, free and somewhat childlike. There is nothing more boring than a stuffy adult party, which is why every once and a while it is nice to see people let go a little and bring out their inner child. This is why you should share this tasty jelly and custard dessert in elegant looking Bonito cups at your next adult party celebration. Surely, your guests would appreciate a fun and exciting dessert treat.

bonito cups
Layered desserts look extra special in Bonito cups.

Jelly and Custard Recipe Featured in Lovely Bonito Cups


6 ounces strawberry jelly crystals

30 ounces of fruit salad or fruit cocktail (drained)

20 biscuits or shortbread cookies

40ounces of homemade custard (you can also use a custard that you purchased from a store)



Make the strawberry jelly crystals as directed on packages, then set it aside to cool a little.

Now, put fruit salad in the bottom of each Bonito cup, then pour jelly on top of the fruit. Now, pour in the custard, then put cups in fridge until the mixtures set up nicely.

You can layer the ingredients custard first, then fruit. It all depends on your own personal preferences. Once you have everything layered in cups and cooled, serve and enjoy.