Brides are ‘Going Green’ to Save Money and to Save the Planet

Posted by Catering Supplier on 7th Oct 2010


Aside from subjecting glass and crystal to the elements–not to mention the transportation–outdoor catering has been limited to harmful plastics and Styrofoam that are not only terrible for the earth, but cheapen the presentation. Additionally, today’s clients are turning to biodegradable, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional catering. In a business that is swarming with competition, it is important to stay on the cutting edge–offering as many options to your clientele as possible…specifically ones that follow the “going green” trend. offers a variety of different styles of tableware to please any number of clients, from event planners that are coordinating the look for important board meetings, to blushing brides planning their dream weddings. From their bamboo line, whose elegant tropical flair is matched only by its safe, sturdy quality, to their brand new Sea-green Tableware, which sparkles like crystal, offers a wide range of specially crafted designs to meet the needs of your clients.

These fully biodegradable designs are also cost-effective, because they can be recycled or paced into compost. If you are catering an event in a location that charges for waste removal, having less waste to remove can save you a pretty penny. Additionally, their designs are elegant and classy; they are also sturdy and safe. Sturdy tableware means less breakage during transportation and less time spent securing the items.

Stylish and biodegradable, has everything you’ll need to cater a variety of different types of events. The variety and cost-effective nature of these items will allow you to give each presentation a unique touch of elegance, while keeping you well within your projected budget. is answering the growing demand of businesses and consumers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle by offering environmentally-friendly, biodegradable tableware, plastic champagne flutes and plastic wine glasses for events, businesses meetings, wedding parties, and more. For more information, or to view the complete catering supplies and plastic plate’s line, please visit

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