Breakthrough bar food for small kitchens

14th Sep 2017

After a few post-work drinks, many of your bar guests will ask to see a food menu. If you are a stand-alone bar with limited kitchen space, finding enticing options to keep your customers satisfied can be quite a challenge. Now with the advent of food trucks, keeping customers in their seats is becoming even more difficult.

Classic bar menu items include french fries, nachos, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and popcorn, but tastes are changing. There is nothing wrong with keeping some classic bar menu items for your late night regulars, but it is crucial to mix it up and make a statement with your offerings.

Bar Breakfast

Omelettes, hash browns, pancakes, home fries, grits, and french toast can all be made with counter top induction in the corner of a crowded bar or kitchen. Easy to make and relatively quick to produce, delicious breakfast cuisine will delight your guests and expand your customer base. Experiment with specials and samplers to get the offering right.

Soup of the Night

Comforting, delicious, and hot. Your bar guests will enjoy your rotating line-up of savory soups. Choose from classics like chicken noodle, tomato bisque, and beef vegetable or make something more exotic like butternut squash, gumbo, or Thai Curry. Once the soup is prepared, it is easy to serve quickly at busy bars. Serve with crusty bread to satisfy your guests.

Specialty Dessert

A dynamic dessert menu will help you quell your guests' late night cravings for sweets. Show them you care with offerings that change daily. Go with creative ice cream sandwiches, mini mousse desserts, and creative cupcakes. Pair them with craft cocktails or present them in a sampler. Use eco-friendly, disposable servingware to simplify clean-up.