Board Meetings Require Charming Tableware

Posted by Tammy on 8th May 2012

Board meetings are set up so corporate or executives can discuss the goals and logistics of a company. These meetings are usually performed in a board room. In addition, these types of meetings are normally handled in a very professional manner. Although board meetings are known as professional meetings the members of the event still want to have food. Most of the time caterers serve charming treats and casual refreshments.

If you’ve been asked to cater a Board Meeting Event, then you should go to because they carry a bunch of tableware that is charming and casual. One specific item that fits into these categories is the Bamboo Dish. This product is a bamboo dish that measures 2.25 in. L x .25 in. H x 2.25 in. W and looks very charming. Another product that you can find for your board meeting catering event is the Bamboo Tube. The best part thing about this product is that it not only looks charming, but no matter what you put in it the whole thing becomes a decoration of sorts.

Bamboo Tube
Use this Classy Bamboo Tube as a piece of your tableware or as a decorative product

As for refreshments you can purchase charming glasses or cups from Restaurantware, as well. One glass that will really make an excellent impression on the board members is the Seagreen Incline Glass. These glasses are elegant, but have a charming character, as well.

Seagreen Incline Glass
Impress everyone with this Incline Glass


The reality is board meetings are to be handled in a professional environment. However, as the caterer of one, don’t forget charming and casual tableware will be the way to make a wonderful impression on all the attendees.