Best practices for buffet

10th Jul 2017

Buffets provide a convenient and expedited food experience for guests on the go. Offering a variety of healthy hot and cold foods, fresh hot coffee, fruit juices, in addition to all of the supplies your guests need, is a must. Updating and upgrading your buffet supplies and equipment inspires your guests’ confidence in your food service and ensures that they will leave your buffet satisfied. For best results, choose Restaurantware for all of your buffet supplies, equipment, and tools.

Coffee Service

Support your guests love of coffee in the morning with premium quality beans, filtered water, and a sleek coffee urn. Make sure there is plenty of room for guests to help themselves. Offer glass or porcelain mugs for guests dining in and Eco-friendly to-go cups with lids and stirrers for guests on the go. Rather than individual cream cups, provide pitchers for a low-fat milk and half and half. Keep dairy pitchers in ice baths to maintain food safe temperatures. After the buffet service is over, dispose of remaining coffee and dairy.

Omelette Station

Let your guests customize their breakfast with an omelette station. You will need an accomplished egg chef, 2 counter top induction cookers, several induction ready pans, and spatulas. Display a variety of prepared ingredients. At a minimum offer a few types of cheeses like cheddar, Swiss, and provolone. For veggies, include: chopped onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms. In a just a few minutes, guests may enjoy cooked to order eggs.

Cereal and Juice Dispensers

Some guests prefer something simpler, like dry cereal and juice. Give them easy access with cereal and juice dispensers. Provide bowls, spoons, napkins, milk, and juice glasses. Consider offering a low-sugar cereal and a cereal that would be more attractive to children. As for juices, orange, cranberry, and apple serve nicely. However, exotic mixes like strawberry-mango are appreciated as well.