Benefits Of Using Bamboo Leaf Bowls

Posted by Tammy on 20th Feb 2014

Every restaurant owner or chef always have a go to bowl for serving such things as salads, sides and appetizers, but using the same ol’ boring pieces of tableware can make your customers run for the door. This is one reason why you should try out stunning bamboo bowls. Of course, this isn’t the only reason, below you will find out how you can benefit from using bamboo leaf bowls.

bamboo leaf bowls
A New Way To Use Seagreen Tasting Bowls

First, bamboo bowls are built out of premium bamboo, which means they are durable enough to hold up in many types of food settings. The construction of these sweet bamboo bowls make them great pieces of outdoor tableware. However, remember that if you keep these bowls in the sunlight for to long they might tend to fade a little bit.

Second, bamboo bowls make perfect salad, sides and appetizer serving dishes. For example, you can really showcase a serving of your favorite potato or macaroni salad by putting it in a modern day bamboo leaf bowl. Many people wonder if a bowl of this nature is big enough to hold a one cup servings of macaroni and cheese, well, the size of a bamboo leaf bowl is 5 inches x 5 inches x 1.5 inches and are 7 ounce bowls. So, you might not be able to put whole cup of mac and cheese in them, but it should be very close.

Finally, bamboo leaf bowls add a significant modern day feel to any type of food environment. They fit perfectly in any themed party event or restaurant setting. It doesn’t matter if you run a casual or upscale food establishment these bamboo bowls will give you the chance to add a little contemporary touch to your food displays.

As you can see, everybody can benefit from using bamboo leaf bowls and should have them on hand for their next food dining experience.