Beautiful Centerpiece Ideas With Picture

Posted by Tammy on 14th Sep 2014

Wedding centerpieces don’t have to be traditional flowers or expensive glass containers. The goal in regards to centerpieces is to use items that are unique, affordable and flow with your overall wedding theme. One of the most unique and charming centerpiece is the Full Moon Cone Stand, there is nothing more special than filling a cone stand with edible treats that all your guests can enjoy.

full moon cone stand
Full Moon Cone Stands make great wedding centerpieces.

Plus, full moon cone stands look lovely on any table. Wedding guests of all ages will be intrigued by the class and charm of these centerpieces. In addition, they will love the fact that you are giving them a chance to feast on tasty goodies while they celebrate your special day.

If you believe that a Full Moon cone stand is to simple to use as a centerpiece, the truth is these make great centerpieces. You can amp the appearance of them up if you wish by wrapping them with lovely ribbons or beautiful bows. However, you should know that full moon cone stands look fabulous without any embellishments so you don’t necessarily have to add to them.

Full Moon Cone Stands are more than just centerpieces they also can be used to highlight appetizer, dessert and snack buffet stations. Plus, they are durable so you can keep them long after your special day is over thus you can use them again and again.

So, when you are choosing your wedding centerpieces stop outside the box, get and use full moon cone stands. These centerpieces will not only look glamorous on your tabletops, but they will also add a unique touch to your wedding day.