Bamboo Skewers Made Easy

Posted by Catering Supplier on 7th Jul 2011

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When cooking dinner or entertaining guests, there are a number of things you can do to make it exciting. The most common way to make your meals, parties or gatherings unique is good food and good drinks. Skewered dishes are both healthy and tasty. There is also a great variety of dishes to make, such as souvlaki, yakitori and shish kabob. The main annoyance when preparing skewered dishes is the skewers themselves. They likely aren’t something that is found around the house if you don’t make skewered dishes very often. Since they aren’t an everyday item, how do you select the best skewers for you and your family?

There are two general types of skewers, wooden and metal. Wooden skewers are the traditional type of skewer used by the original makers of most skewered dishes. Wooden skewers, which prepared properly, by soaking in water before cooking, will not melt or catch fire on the grill. Wooden skewers also have a rougher surface than metal ones, which means that it is easier to rotate food while cooking or eating.

There are a number of woods that skewers are made out of. Bamboo skewers are an interesting type of skewers. Unlikely many wooden skewers, bamboo skewers are made from an extremely fast-growing type of wood. This means that they are environmentally friendly, especially compared to metal skewers which can sit in a landfill forever. They are also easily disposed of, which removes the need for time-consuming washing after every meal. They can be made for varied purposes, such as finger-foods and barbequing. They can also be made into a variety of eye-catching shapes and designs for various occasions.

Bamboo skewers work well for a variety of tasks and can suit almost any need.