Bamboo Leaf Plates With Cup Holder – Ideal For Any Special Occasion

Posted by Tammy on 22nd Sep 2014

Bamboo leaf plate with cup holder are ideal for any special occasion. They are durable plates that have built in cup holders so your guests can easily carry around their food and drinks while they mingle during any type of party event. This means you won’t have to worry so much about people dropping their plates because they hands are to full to carry both their drink and their plate.

bamboo plate w cup holder
Make life easier on your party guests by using bamboo plates with built in cup holder.

The unique design of a bamboo leaf plate is modern and fresh, which means you can use them in any kind of food setting. These plates measure 9 inches in length x .5 inches in height x 9 inches in width thus they work perfectly as a dinner plate.

Bamboo tableware is made of durable material thus bamboo leaf plates will hold up well in any outdoor catering event. For example, you can feel safe using them at barbeques, pool parties and outdoor wedding receptions.

Plus, you can serve a variety of culinary treats on these plates because the premium bamboo that is used to create them is heavy duty and very durable. Bamboo leaf plates with cup holders are also eco-friendly. This is an important feature since more and more people are “going green” these days.

The appearance and durability of bamboo tableware is incredible so don’t hesitate any longer, purchase some bamboo leaf plates with cup holders today and please all your party guests.