Attention Caterers: Plastic Edge Glasses Are Worth Using.

Posted by Tammy on 17th Mar 2014

Attention Caterers: Here is some news in regard to plastic tableware that you must read.

Plastic Edge Glasses are worth using at indoor and outdoor parties. These glasses are made from durable plastic thus they hold up well for serving beverages, appetizers and desserts. These precious catering gems are easy to hold so your clients will never have any trouble carrying them around during any kind of catering function.

Plastic Edge Glasses look pretty and stylish, they can help amplify the beauty of a buffet or sit-down dinner setting. These sweet glasses are made in a modern fashion thus they fit perfectly in upscale and casual party settings.

Plastic Edge Glasses measure 2.25 inches in length x 2.25 inches in width x 3.25 inches in height. They are  5 ounce glasses thus they make both great drinking vessels.

If you are a caterer, restaurant owner or host of a home party these plastic edge glasses will come in handy. Matter of fact, you will probably find yourself using them every single day because plastic edge glasses are very versatile and can be used to serve all kinds of culinary treats. Order these glasses today and see just what I mean by plastic edge glasses are worth using at parties, restaurants and celebrations of any kind.