An Introduction to the Amuse Bouche

Posted by Catering Supplier on 23rd Feb 2011

You should start familiarizing yourself with the amuse bouche and some of the most popular recipes since this dish is growing in such astounding popularity at both restaurants and catered events. The dish is unlike the appetizer in that the chef actually picks out what is going to be served to everyone. Therefore, you will want to be working with one of the best chefs who knows what types of things typically work well for this particular dish.

Or, to take a different approach, you could look into some amuse bouch recipe ideas on your own. There are many of these listed online, and they will definitely make you excited to prepare one of these on your own. However, stick to something at least relatively simple for your first time making such a dish so that you do not accidentally take too long when you are putting it together.

This amuse bouche information is going to pertain to anyone who likes fine or exotic cooking. Usually, the amuse bouche is going to reflect the type of food that is about to be served. So, a piece of raw fish or a light soup would be appropriate if you are serving Asian cuisine for the night. Simply take this into consideration since you would not want to startle your guests with food that is vastly different from the beginning courses.

Finally, consider how you would like to serve this food. Maybe you could use an oversized bowl or dainty platter. Some people opt to use dishes that have a bright or colorful pattern. The presentation is very important since you are essentially setting the entire stage for the rest of the meal that is about to come. Think about ordering these supplies in advance so that you can concentrate on the food that is going to be served as your main consideration.