An Amuse Bouche to Enchant Your Guests

Posted by Catering Supplier on 15th Feb 2011

Knowing some basic facts about the amuse bouche is important if you are putting together a catered affair and would like to impress your guests with the skills of the head chef. This is something that differs from an appetizer on account of the fact that the chef actually chooses what is going to be served rather than the guests about to enjoy a new meal. Therefore, it is going to serve as an introduction to the style and approach of the chef that everyone is going to enjoy for the rest of the evening.

Another thing to consider are amuse bouche wines. These wines are typically served with this first dish to further entice people to see what else is on the menu. Light and flavorful wines are usually the best choice, but you could also choose the wine based upon further meal selections. Wine guides online will be immensely useful if you want to be certain that you have chosen the right one for the food you are serving.

There are a wealth of amuse bouche ideas out there as people are taking a new and innovative approach to holding catered events. However, if this is your first time serving such a dish at the beginning of your meal, keep an eye out for those that are simple and easy to make. The amuse bouche definitely does not have to be something complex and it is usually a bite-sized serving.

Once you have a general idea of what you would like to serve for this course of the meal, it’s time for you to turn your attention to the presentation. After all, the right catering supplies can definitely enhance your meal and make it look more spectacular than beyond the food you are serving. The best supplies will also complement the décor and the overall ambiance that you are trying to create at this event.