A Refreshing Cocktail Recipe – Perfect for serving in Clear Martini Glasses

Posted by Tammy on 17th Mar 2014

If you own a bar, restaurant or catering company you should get your hands on these high quality clear martini glasses so your clients can make their next toasts in style. Everybody who ventures into one of your food settings will be more than pleased when they get their hands around a modernized clear martini glass that you fill up with one of these two tasty cocktail recipes.

A refreshing Dirty Martini – recipe makes three drinks.


6 ounces of gin

Dry Vermouth

1 1/2 ounces of Olive juice



Put ice in a cocktail shaker, then put add olive juice and gin into the shaker. Stir for about twenty minutes, then strain into a clear martini glass. Add a few splashes of dry vermouth and a couple of olives to the glass.

This recipe is a great cocktail that all your guests are sure to enjoy, especially when you serve it up in fabulous clear modernized martini glasses. The special touch of these glasses will amplify the beauty and quality of the overall cocktail. You simply can’t go wrong by offering your guests this yummy cocktail in remarkable clear martini glasses, go ahead, let your guests raise these lovely glasses up high at your next party function.