A Cool Way To Serve Your Favorite Recipes

Posted by Tammy on 19th Feb 2015

If you are a chef, cook or someone who loves throwing home parties, then you are probably always looking for unique ways to serve your favorite food dishes, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to serve your tasty culinary treats on fashionable stylish tableware? Of course, you probably don’t think you have time to go out and search for any new tableware pieces, thankfully, you don’t have too. The fact is you can use these cool Wood Boats.

large wood boats
Wood Boats come in a bunch of sizes, they can be used for a variety of recipes.


Wood Boats are made in the shape of cute little boats, they are darling and add class to any type of food setting. Plus, they are a fun element to add to buffet stations and sit down dinners. You are sure to impress your catering, restaurant and party guests by the natural charming appearance of these boats.

Wood Boats come in several sizes including: mini, small, medium and large. They are ideal for serving a variety of recipes in, these sweet tableware pieces can hold your mini appetizers, little dessert, medium portioned side dish or a main protein course. If you can cook it up, then you can serve it up in these modern day dishes.

mini wood boats
Your party guests are going to be impressed by these charming wood boats.

Wood Boats are eco-friendly, they work super well in places where “going green” is a priority. So, if you are trying to focus on helping out the environment by using environmentally friendly products, then you really need to start using these boats. Plus, wood boats are disposable, which means the clean up after your party, catering event or restaurant dinner will be much easier to handle, you will no longer have to worry about doing sinks of dirty dishes when you use these reliable boats.

Now, all you have to do is visit Restaurantware and get some of these amazing boats and you will have a very cool way to serve your favorite recipes. Go ahead, it only takes a few minutes to order them.