1. Ways & Places To Use Bamboo Cones and Stands

    You probably have heard of snow cones, but have you heard about bamboo cones and stands? If not, pay close attention because every caterer and restaurant owner can benefit from using these products in their food establishments. Matter of fact, anyone who likes to cook or bake will want to have at least a few bamboo cones and stands in their arsenal of kitchen tools.

    med bamboo cone
    Any snack would look fantastic in this medium sized bamboo cone.
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  2. Fun Superbowl Food Facts

    Superbowl Sunday is fast approaching. The day for football, friends, family and parties is almost here. So, get ready now with these fun Superbowl food facts that you can share with the guests at your Superbowl bash.

    stadium made of food
    David De Bacco / CookinWithMama6
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  3. Fun Facts about Bioplastics

    Bioplastics are the next generation of biodegradable and compostable plastics, derived from renewable plant materials. Though the very existence of bioplastics is exciting, it is important to explore this new-age advancement of material technology, in order to leverage our understanding for a healthier earth. At Restaurantware, we take pride in being trailblazers for Eco-friendly products and processes, such as bioplastics and other

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  4. Restaurantware’s Bamboo Flatware is a Beautiful Alternative to Plastic and Metal

    Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flatware from

    Restaurantware’s bamboo flatware and dinnerware is the earth-friendly answer for occasions and events that call for attractive, sturdy disposable tableware with “Green” appeal. Beautiful, renewable bamboo gives this disposab

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  5. Catering Trends for 2018

    Catering Trends for 2018

    The last few years have seen an abundance of outrageous, yet popular catering expressions including complicated canapes, trendy toasts, and deconstructed finger foods. Eggs in every phase of preparation made their way into the spotlight and avocado-everything swung repeatedly in and out of public favor. This year however, look forward to traditional favorites served in conventional ways, plant-based options dominatin

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  6. The Environment Benefits When You Use Bamboo Tableware

    Disposable Bamboo PlatesBy Kara Mae Adamo

    This amazing photo is credited to Sarah Rae at the amazing blog

    Environmental responsibility has swept the nation. From large-scale corporations planning their next convention or board meeting to the individual small-scale client, people are searching for new ways to incorporate earth-friendly products and services into their venue

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  7. Advantages Of Using Wood Cutlery

    wood fork 5.5
    Take advantage of these unique wood forks.

    Years before the first piece of silverware was invented and used, people were using wood cutlery. In this day and age, wood cutlery has come a long way from that first day when a person picked up a piece of wood and turned it into a spoon. The style, design and durability of wooden utensils is worth discussing, especially with all of you who love cooking, eating and entertaining.

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  8. Tasty Amuse Bouche Recipe And The Best Way To Serve It.

    Do you own a catering company? Are you looking for new ways to impress your clients? If so, you should try making this tasty amuse bouche recipe at your next catering event and serving it on a gorgeous plastic appetizer or amuse bouche spoon. It is bound to impress everyone who attends the celebration.

    An amuse bouche is a bite sized or very small hors d’oeuvre, it is commonly served on tasting menus, on buffets or during a special function.

    You can find a variety of gorgeous plastic tableware to use for serving this yummy treat at Restaurantware. For instance, a pre

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  9. Why You Should Use Disposable Wedding Plates

    med bamboo plate
    Look at the elegance of this wedding plate.

    If you want to spend a ton of money, want to get stressed over breaking tableware and would love to spend hours cleaning up after your wedding reception, then you should really choose china as the tableware for your wedding day celebration. However, if you prefer not to do these things, then your best bet is to use disposable wedding plates.

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  10. Pros Of Using Bamboo Cutlery

    bamboo cutlery
    Get bamboo cutlery today, there are many pros of using this type of flatware.

    Bamboo cutlery can be used in place of other types of disposable cutlery. There are several reasons to use bamboo cutlery. One of the most important benefits of using bamboo tableware and flatware is that bamboo is sustainable. When bamboo is harvested it quickly grows back at the amazing rate of about 2 feet per day.

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