8 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Independence Day

3rd Jul 2017

Let’s tread lightly on the earth this Fourth and celebrate our country’s independence in elegance and with Eco-friendly style. Whether a catering event or a backyard gathering, we all can work together to minimize carbon emissions and negative environmental impact on the day that we say Happy Birthday to our beautiful country.

Eco- Friendly Tableware

Do everything you can to minimize waste for America’s birthday party. For some gatherings, reusable, cloth table linens and napkins are a great choice for minimizing trash and adding more formality to your event. However, if disposable supplies are required, choose biodegradable options made with bio-plastics or organic materials.

Stay Local and Eat Local

Get your produce from your local farmer’s market, or farm stand. Keep your travel plans light and find activities within walking or biking distance.

Carpooling or Use Public Transit

If you have to take a car to your destination, get a group together and carpool. Public transportation is another way to get where you are going and not worry about driving home after partaking.

Keep it simple

Choose decorations that can be reused from year to year. Though disposable decorations and their sparkly appeal are tempting to create a festive atmosphere, throwing them away at the end of the party simply adds to the heap of waste. Decorate with fresh flowers and delicious, colorful fruits and veggies.

Take it with you

Create mini-recycling centers from old boxes, or plastic tubs. Clearly label them to keep things organized. Clean up will be a snap and you’ll already have your recyclables sorted.

Grill smart

Take a few moments to brush up on some eco-friendly grilling ideas before touching off that charcoal.

Group effort

Rather than set off a few fireworks in your own yard, gather a group of friends and family to go see a community fireworks display in your area. We know fireworks are not eco-friendly at all, but they are a big part of Independence Day festivities.

Just say no to plastic water bottles

It’s a hot, thirsty day and plastic water bottles sure are convenient… But boy do they add up fast! If you’re away from home, opt instead for larger bottles, or a large beverage cooler, and have your family and friends refill their personal bottles and cups.