8 Dishes to Impress your Country Club Guests | #FashionForFood

8 Dishes to Impress your Country Club Guests | #FashionForFood

Posted by Kirstyn on 20th Nov 2015

Country Club catering       

Country clubs are prestigious icons and are widely known to be exclusive to members. These establishments provide elite hospitality to every customer. Although meeting a member’s every need is important, serving delicious meals is vital in a country club. Creative creations and gourmet dishes maintain the strong relationship between the club and its members.

        Among the hot topics trending in country clubs today, organic and healthy foods top the list. However, guests are also looking for unique and innovative creations, such as savory ice creams and different twists on traditional dishes. Additionally, hyper-local sourcing is gaining popularity across the world. In other words, more and more country clubs are growing their own produce, spices, and herbs.  We kept these trends in mind when gathering this list of delicious recipes:

  1. Turkey Cranberry Meatballs: This easy recipe will surely keep your customers talking throughout their meals. Meatballs are trending right now for their easy-to-eat, yet delicious, qualities. This rustic appetizer will remind your customers of Thanksgiving dinner with its savory, yet sweet, flavors. You can make these meatballs even more convenient for your members by serving them with decorative skewers or picks. See the recipe here: ABC’s The Chew
  2. Authentic Japanese Scallop Soup with Ramen Noodles: Transforming standard ramen noodles into gourmet dishes is all-the-rage. This dish will showcase your creativity and ability to take an ordinary ingredient and turn it into a gourmet meal. The familiarity of the noodles but with a delicious twist will impress your members so they will keep coming back to eat at your club. This dish would look charming in a porcelain bowl served with an Asian spoon. See the recipe here: Allrecipes
  3. Parmesan Ice Cream with Prosciutto: Savory ice creams are taking the restaurant industry by storm. This recipe is a risk, but it’s definitely one worth taking. This will surprise your customers and provide them with a whole new one-of-a-kind experience. This parmesan ice cream is a wonderful addition to any appetizer or main course. Instead of grating the same old parmesan cheese onto plates, tantalize your customers with a food they’ve never even though of before – parmesan ice cream. This meal would look stunning on a modernly designed plastic plate. See the recipe here: MolecularRecipes.com
  4. Pistachio Pesto Pasta: This recipe takes a staple pasta dish – pesto – and adds a modern flair with pistachios. These little green nuts that can be a headache to shell are gaining popularity in country clubs across the nation. Pistachios add a whole new depth to dishes, especially this delicious pesto pasta. The intense flavors pair perfectly with the pistachios for a decadent masterpiece. This hearty pasta would look great on an innovative bagasse plate. See the recipe here: Bon Appétit
  5. Pulled Pork Cornbread Waffles: Savory waffles are another surprising trend around the country. Waffles are the perfect addition to many different plates and can add an element of surprise to delicious creations. Now, waffles have made their way out of breakfast and onto lunch and dinner plates. In this recipe, waffles take the place of cornbread, an ingenious idea. Pair those waffles with homemade pulled pork, and your customers will love the familiar, yet new, meal. Introduce your customers to eco-friendly tableware by serving this dish on a palm leaf plate. See the recipe here: Pass The Sushi
  6. Green Tea Cupcakes: Matcha green tea is also seen on more and more menus every day. Green tea is the focus of this recipe and adds a whole new flavor to the average cupcake. Green tea cupcakes are refreshing and give your customers an entirely new experience. These cupcakes are not only fun to eat, but they also bring a glamorous look to the table with their beautiful green color. Your country club members will love this decadent dessert. The stunning look of these cupcakes would only be enhanced when served on a bamboo plate. See the recipe here: Food Network
  7. Mini Carrot Cake Sliders: Sliders are seen commonly on appetizer, lunch, and dinner menus; however, they can easily be transformed into a dessert by making mini-cakes.  This delicious layered carrot cake recipe is adorable when served in sliders. Customers commonly share desserts when dining out, so why not prepare for that and create a shareable sweet? These carrot cakes are not only delicious, but they are easy to decorate as well. Your customers will love these succulent, yet pretty, desserts especially when served on a porcelain serving display or long plate. See the recipe here: The Comfort of Cooking
  8. Shaved Ice with Fresh Berry Sauce: We all know ice cream is a beloved dessert, but shaved ice is making its way onto more and more menus. This recipe is the perfect combination of cold and sweet. The shaved ice complements the fresh berry sauce beautifully for a refreshing dessert. Your country club members will love this simple, yet decadent, dish. Serve this during the summer months and it will surely be a hit. The bright colors of the berries, along with the shaved ice, would display perfectly in a double wall glass. See the recipe here: NY Times: Cooking

Country clubs are places of elite hospitality and customer satisfaction, so it is important for these establishments to stay on top of the hot trends. Country club members expect to have the best experience at a place they so dearly love, and one way to make sure your customers are satisfied – food! With these unique, modern, and innovative dishes, your customers will always expect the best from you.

  Don’t forget that displaying your meals is just as important as making sure they are delicious. Find out what serves your dishes best by browsing tableware collections. Whether you choose bamboo, porcelain, wood, glass, metal, palm leaf, or bagasse tableware, taking the time to plate each dish so it looks marvelous is well worth the time. So, when you change up your country club menu, try these recipes out! Your customers will adore the creativity and modern twists.

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